Let's talk about how great websites are made.

Where do I start?

Contact us so we can meet up and discuss your website needs together.

We will come armed with some ideas based on similar businesses but you may wish to provide us with some of your own. Some clients have a particular idea or theme in mind; others don't mind and want us to use our own judgement and experience.

It helps if you can tell us about websites you've seen and like, even if it isn't a similar type of business. Create a list of the most important types of information you wish to convey to your users, which of it would you prioritise?

At the meeting we try and give you an estimate on price. This will be followed by a formal quotation within a few days.

We understand you may wish to meet with several web designers before deciding who to use - we don't expect an immediate decision at the meeting.

Read our quotation and proposal

We will email you a proposal outlining what we understand to be your requirements, including our quotation.

If something you require on your site is missing from your proposal it must be identified now in order to avoid unwanted additional costs [charged per hour] later.

If you like what we have to offer, let us know by paying a £100 deposit so we can move onto the next stage. This deposit is deducted from your final balance and indicates a level of commitment before additional time is spent working on your project.


After receiving your deposit we will work on a mock-up of your homepage in order to give you a detailed feel of how your website will look. This is all about the aesthetics as you have already told us your requirements in the previous stage. You will have two opportunities to revise this artwork before coding begins. At this stage supplying your logo is essential if we are to theme your site around it.

Once happy, a further deposit may be required (for larger projects) before we move onto the coding/building stages.

Website creation

Your website is created and domain name purchased. Close attention is paid to your proposal and mock-up during the production.

At this stage we need your text and images in order to complete the project.


You will be invited to view your website on a temporary domain name in order for it to be proofed and tweaked if necessary. Small adjustments will be accommodated where possible but will not include the addition of features not specified in the proposal. Large changes not outlined in your requirements are chargeable.

Website launch

Payment of the final balance will see your website go live.

If you’re looking for a web design team in the Isle of Man call us on:

07624 217711